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Electric? Wires and Cords

electric wires, cables, cords

Switches for Electrical Appliances

switches for electrical appliances , electronic switches

Capacitors and filter for Power

capacitors , power filters

Components and Connection Parts for Electric Facilities

components and connection parts for electric facilities

Parts for the Protection of
the Electrical Appliances

fuses and fuse folder, leakage current breakers

Insulated Transformers

voltage regulators , small household transformers , ac adapters

Electric Appliances

electric cleaners, electric irons /presses, electric dishwashers and dish driers electric washing machines electric razors and electric haircutters , electro-motive kitchen appliances , electric refrigerators/freezers , hair managers, electric liquid heating devices and irons pots , electric blankets, electric thermal mats air coolers and humidifiers , electric ranges and electric ovens , household electro-motive sewing machines , electric charger , electric driers ,? electric massagers , liquid pumps, electric heating appliances ,? electric devices for fish bowls and ponds , electric foam generators for bath tubs , electric foam generators for bath tubs, electric thermal devices for saunas, air cleaners automatic vending machines,? devices for toilets, disposer , other devices similar to above items

Motor- operated electric Tools

electro-motive tools

Information technology?equipment

copying machines , dc power supplies, un-interruptible power supply, coating machine

Lighting appliances

lamp holders, lighting devices, ballast/lamp control devices, self ballasted lamps

Switches for Electrical

control device for electric appliances (CBE)

Safety Transformer And Similar Equipment

high frequency welder, electric welder

Household and Similar Electrical Appliances

fruit peeler, potato peeler, rice cleaner, electric bread cutter, electric melting machine, pet bathtub, appliance for skin or hair care, liquor maker, electric clock, appliance for skin exposure to ultraviolet and infrared radiation, electric chair and bed, compressor, mat using hot water, oral hygiene appliance, water diverting machine, projector, insect eradicator, dust collector, oil press, service appliance, electric air-curtain, fan-coil unit, waist heat ventilator, game machine (not including monitor), motor-operated roll screen, electric fumigator, anti-freezer for water supply facilities, oxygen and ion generator, water purifier., supersonic cleaner, maker for shoots and bean sprouts, electric door-lock, electric health machine, motor

Audio/Video and Similar Electronic Appliances

television receiver, monitor, video tape player, video camera, tuner, editing machine, disk player, radio receiver, amplifier, receiver, sound recorder, player, audio system, electronic music instrument, satellite broadcasting receiver, video game machines, video phones , projection TV, equalizer, audio processor. signal converter, audio distributor, compressor gate, other appliances, CCTV camera, image transmission appliance, image receiver and converter, image recorder ,receiver for A/V signal, image processor, receiver for CATV, studying machine using audio and/or video, turn table, modulator, other appliances similar to the above

IT And Office Appliances

monitor, printer, projector (for video) scanner, bank note counter, electronic scale, cash register, language studying machine, document destroyer, punch paper cutter, book binder, electric board, coin counter, electric typewriter, demagnetizer, real picture maker, three dimensional vision, other appliances similar to the above
phone, fax machine, terminals that have phones installed, credit card machines, terminals that have specific modems (financial, information retrieval, ATM), computer power supply machine, digital TV, location based services wireless devices, remote control broadcast machine


starter for fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, discharge lamp, other luminaires, other lamps

DC Power Supply or Electric Appliances Used by Connected To Electric Recharger

rechargeable battery, laptop computer(tablet pc)

Switches for Electrical

control device for electric appliances (CBE)

Audio/Video Appliance

videotape players, video cameras, tuner, radio receiver, Receiver, voice recorder and player , voice player, satellite broadcasting receiver videophone, tone controller, signal converter, compressor gate electric clock, CCTV Camera, Video Receiver and Converter video recorder, A/V signal receiver

IT and Office Machines

scanner, bill counting machine, electric scale, cash register, language practicing machine, electric blackboard and board, coin counting machine, electric typewriter, electric magnetic eraser, transportation card recharger, ticketing
voice and sound transmitting radio, internet multimedia broadcasting registering device, digital frequency converting device, A/D & D/A Sign converting device, ground wave television broadcasting device

DC Power supply or Electric appliances used by connected to electric recharger

air cleaner, rechargeable power tool, cellphone, smart phone, trs cellphone, movable radio device

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